Wednesday, March 08, 2017

"Mo Chorp Mo Rogha" - My Body My Rules.

In today's day and age one would expect to be treated with respect. 

We live in an era that believes equality is present and that sexism is not real.
We trust in the government to deliver our basic human rights to us under law, yet, we live in a state of ignorance as we believe we are not being discriminated against. 

Women all around the world stood together in solidarity on this day, International women's Day 2017, in conjunction with the strike 4 repeal. In Ireland's modern society it is depicted as cruel and unacceptable for a woman to make the choice to have an abortion. On average 10 women a day travel to the United Kingdom to under-go the safe procedure of termination. (As it is currently unavailable to them here in Ireland). 

Abortion is viewed as a crime in our country. Anyone that carries out, assists, or administers an abortion or termination medication in Ireland can be prosecuted and imprisoned for up to 14 years. This to me is outrageous.

As a young Irish woman I feel that I deserve the right to have a CHOICE, to have a VOICE and to be HEARD. I personally agree with the Pro-Choice movement and have solely registered to vote so that I can be a part of repealing the 8th amendment. 

Irish Blogger 'Leanne Woodfull', as part of her final year in college, has put together the #REPEALCHAIN Campaign along with Dearbhla Ní Fhaoilleacháin Ryan. They aim to educate people around the globe about the struggle that us Irish women face in relation to our abortion rights.
You can follow the Repeal Chain project here: Twitter / Instagram 

I have read many stories about women who have been shamed for voicing their opinion on this matter and strongly encourage those to STOP and LISTENIt is hard to force people to understand and to change their ways as they have grown up in a corrupted environment, but, if we can enlighten the younger generation on their rights and abolish this abhorrent amendment there would be hope for women of the future. 

We currently live in a country that believes it acceptable to sweep sexism and discrimination under the metaphorical rug. 

Our government forbid abortion, yet, it is blatantly dismissed that the remains of over 800 babies were discovered in a septic tank in Tuam, Co. Galway. As a result of appalling conditions in our Mother and Baby facilities run by the Bon Secour nuns we lost the lives of over 6,000 women and children. If our government values the life of a being the size of a grain of rice, why don't they value the lives of those lost so close to home?

I support PRO-CHOICE. I support EQUALITY. I believe we can form a BETTER IRELAND.

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