Operation talk (2) | Day Of & Post OP

Sunday, June 29, 2014

This post is about the actual day of my second Operation performed on my thigh.
It was an early start at 6am for myself and my daddy dearest, We head to S.I.V.U.H in Cork city.
Like I said in my previous post the operation I was undergoing was by my own choice and I chose Excision Lesion. which was invasive and scarring but I'm already beginning to see results.

At the hospital Pre OP: 
I am naturally afraid of hospitals and doctors, Nurses etc because of upsetting memories so it was hard going walking in those doors for the second time to be invaded by foreign objects that I knew nothing about.
I was in room 3 in the children's ward sharing with another girl my age in for tonsillitis.
I left for my surgery around 9am I walked with my dad into the room I was told to lay and bed and relax at first when I walked in I began crying instantly I saw tools and needles and genuinely panicked I went into shock and had to breathe deeply for a few minutes.
They poured numbing water on the crook of my arm and inserted my IV drip. Less than a minute later they placed a mask over my mouth and I was being put under by a general anesthetic. Apparently I laughed while I was being put under and it took 3-4 seconds before I was gone.

At the Hospital Post OP:
I can remember slowly waking up from my anesthetic but soon after I began having tremors throughout my body and was given another drug to counteract this but that didn't help it sent my body into full seizing//tremors I was given several more drugs to help this but unfortunately they didn't work, I was shaking for long after my OP and scared the hell out of my doctors.

I was wheeled back to my room where my dad just sat with me for hours being unforgettably worried as my legs wouldn't stop shaking when I was asleep I was giving another drug that made this stop and I was put on an Oxygen tank mask for what I think was two hours and my blood pressure was taken every 30 minutes for 3 hours.

A few doctors and nurses that were looking after me were kind but made me feel a bit anxious they crowded around my bed and it felt like I was being ganged up on as if they were blaming me for having a bad reaction to their drugs. I was told if the drugs hadn't worn off in the next few hours I would be transferred to C.U.H as a medical patient I was "No longer" a surgical patient.
I cried for a little afterwards I was scared, felt a little rundown, drowsy and just generally sad. It was an emotional experience to go through for me and to hear my dad speaking to me telling me everything was going to be better and that I wasn't going to be transferred I'd be fine really helped.

The nurses made me feel good about my relationship with my dad telling us we seemed close as he was mocking me for most of the day too! He's away on business a lot recently and it was nice to spend the day with him. He took some "flattering" pictures of me playing on my phone after the OP when The drugs had worn off . At around 3 o' clock They were trying to force feed me toast but I had literally no appetite and was dry retching for a little bit. I was told I would be staying the night as I wasn't eating and the knees knocking hadn't quite stopped.
The drugs wore off at around 4-5pm and I attempted sitting up and going to the toilet which was a dizzy journey to be honest but I made it and came back to my bed safely. I sat up and ate at around 7pm. I regained colour and got discharged at 9pm, I was delighted to be leaving!
Post OP selfie 2014

Day after OP:
Next morning I'm happy to say I slept for a few extra hours than normal, My bandages did bleed a bit overnight ,Still drowsy I felt the pain as soon as I woke up. Took my meds and had NO APPETITE didn't eat all day just lay around bed and took some Post OP selfies. I can now refer to the bump as a thing of the past I feel the Bump is gone and I'm just so overwhelmed with the feeling of excitement and so Thankful to my doctor!

My dad spent the day with me making sure I was alright and took me for a walk up and down the stairs a couple times so I wouldn't get Cabin fever.
I just followed him around taking pictures of him off guard.
I managed to creep in some shots of what my thighs look like now and I feel like they're almost perfect! Again I cried a little and stared at myself for a few minutes 6 years of fails and it's finally gone, I'm just so happy I can't stress that feeling enough!
I just want to thank everyone of my friends and family that I have been wishing me well over the last few days and texting me telling me they're thinking of me and letting me know that they're hoping for the best!

My 6 year wait | Operation Talk (1)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Hi Guys! It's that time of the year again! Operation round 2 went under-go yesterday on the 26th of June - In the pictures above it shoes the progression of the bump I had on my right thigh from top right June 2013 to bottom left June 2014 and I do notice I'm wearing the same pajama bottoms a year later, No judging! They're so comfortable. And the bandages did bleed a bit so I apologise if you're any bit squeamish. So yesterday most of the teenage girls I know were either in some glorious foreign country soaking in the sun or at The Jason Derulo concert soaking in his gorgeousness! I was sitting up in S.I.V.U.H soaking in injections and laughing gas.

The story behind my Operation begins back in 2010, I say this bump was the root of all my insecurities. I'm fortunate enough to have a dad that loves sailing so he got himself a boat and we were out on it when the accident happened, For all of you that know a thing about sailing yachts you can understand the struggle of detangling ropes when you're about to tack, I wasn't wearing shoes or socks so when the boat swerved I fell down the hatch and banged my leg on the stairs. I was inches away from my head whacking against the corner of the cooker, so in a way this step saved me from fatal injuries. Instantly I was screaming crying grabbing the side of my leg when my mom pulled me up onto her lap she was so shocked the side of my leg was purple seconds after I'd hit the step. There was deep tissue damage from what we could see.

I was hauled home for the night and propped up on the sofa with an ice pack. I was only 9 years old when it happened so at first I thought it was so cool until people started to notice I got teased a little and the insecurities surrounding it began I started eating a lot more and gained loads of weight , totally feeling sorry for myself.

We went to the doctors and I was told it would clear up after 8-10 weeks and I'd have my legs back to they're young healthy selves. Unfortunately this wasn't the case. We continued to see the doctor, Fought with insurance companies eventually my parents gave up and It got to the point where I was critically self conscious about the whole thing and I was brought to a plastics specialist and surgeon. He called it a Hematoma. It turned out that I had broken the netting between fat and muscle and fluid filled up the gap leaving me with a squishy little lump.

post OP 2013
In June of 2013 I was scheduled for my first Operation, My parents and my doctor thought it would be best if I went for a less invasive method of  fixing the bump, Liposuction. I was put under a general anesthetic and kept in the hospital for 7 hours post operation. I slept for a long time too so those hours passed quickly, After leaving the hospital I was given massive tablets to help with the pain. The lipo was tough to handle as I had to wear bandages for the rest of summer.
It took until August/September to heal fully and to remain relatively flat. I even had a few people compliment me saying they noticed my thighs had gotten smaller.

post OP bandages 2013
After summer the bump started to emerge under the skin again and this was EXTREMELY stressful having already suffered 5 years of dealing with this, Learning I had to go back to hospital sent me into shock I hate hospitals.
They surround me with bad memories and an unwanted aura.

Over the course of a year I stepped up and took
charge of what was happening with my body and what the next step was I sort of bullied my doctor into doing it my way which was to cut the side of my leg open suck out fluid repair the netting and sew me back up even knowing this would leave me a cheeky scar It didn't bother me. I was full on ready to get this out of my life.

I am surrounded by gorgeous friends and in my eyes they're all perfect and when I listen to them complaining about their thighs or their bodies in general and just think how lucky they are to actually be able to wear shorts without wanting to run the opposite way when they see other human beings.

This is a long post lads so I'm splitting operation 1&2 into different posts x